About Us

Graffit studio - Milling and Engraving in Zhytomyr

What does our company do?

We provide our services for cutting and milling various materials on a CNC machine. Work is performed on the latest modern equipment. We guarantee 100% quality of our products. The services we provide include milling of chipboard / laminated chipboard, MDF, making 3D panels, creating advertising, as well as plotting cutting. If you need to perform the above services in the shortest time and at affordable prices - our company provides you with this opportunity.

Our vision

  • We want to constantly evolve and offer our clients a wide range of services, high quality of execution, and the fulfillment of tasks on time.
  • The philosophy of our company is motivation and support in the development of employees. Thanks to their high qualifications and desire to work with us, we can today achieve the goals you see. The desire to be the best helps us to constantly move forward and not stand still.
  • The service is built in such a way that we constantly offer our clients new discount systems, bonuses, we deliver goods on time. Moreover, we will exceed your expectations. The end result will not leave you disappointed.
  • Reliability is the main quality of our company. Responsibility and punctuality is a key point in solving problems, we understand how important it is to pass the job on time and without complaints about quality.

A word to the client: We are always glad to see you as our clients. Turning to us, you will be satisfied with our work, you can continue to work with us fruitfully and with pleasure.


(097) 701-23-63


Zhytomyr, st. Kiev 114